Alaska FAQ

Q: Are the Brown bears going to eat me?

A: The coastal brown bear of Alaska have lots of salmon to eat during the summer fishing months. Although you should still respect them and their “personal space bubble” at all times. Making lots of noise is always the safest defense while in bear country.

Q: Being so remote, is there any safety issues we should know about regarding Alaska fishing?

A: Shockingly, the level of safety DOES vary from lodge to lodge in Alaska. At Custom Fly Fishing Consultants, we take client safety, in particular, very seriously. Too many things could happen in Alaska. We pride ourselves with swift water rescue and wilderness safety qualification that our guide staff boasts! Along with ALL guides being US coastguard licensed and annual American Red Cross CPR certifications. With the veteran management staff, and their “worst case scenario” approach to all safety issues, your vacation will be a memorable one because of the fishing, NOT because you had an “issue”.

Q: When is the best weather to fish in Alaska?

A: Even though the fishing season runs from June –September, and technically is the summer months. Unfortunately, like most things in life, there are no guarantees with weather predictions. With regarding the “when” to book your trip, I would personally focus on the species that you want to target, and hope for the best weather possible.

One thing to keep in mind is “worst case scenarios”! Ask yourself…

“Will we be able to fish if ______happens?”

Mother nature is not biased, just because it’s your vacation! So a solid “plan B” is essential to the success of any fishing operation.