Alaska Fishing

Many trophy trout hunters have said

if you want to catch a giant brown trout you go to New Zealand’s south island. And If you what to catch huge wild rainbows, you fish remote Alaska.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlaska, is no doubt, one of the most scenic fishing destinations in the world. The unique wildlife viewing combined with breath taking scenery will create a lasting memory never to be forgotten.

When I think of Alaska fly fishing, the words prolific populations, large average size, and variety of species immediately comes to mind. If I put those words in one sentence, it sounds unbelievable….” Alaska fly fishing offers the angler, prolific populations of a wide variety of species, which are mostly big fish!” BUT IT”S TRUE! Alaska has the gift of “production” for the novice angler, yet still offers the “veteran” fisherperson unique challenges, while chasing your “fish of a lifetime”!

Alaska offers something for every angler. The clarity of Alaska’s waters rivals New Zealand’s “gin clear” image. So being able to sight fish to most species is always good sport fishing. But the high populations of fish do not require “Osprey like” talents from the angler. Meaning, blind fishing from a stable boat, for any species is always a very productive way to fish.

Where to invest your dream vacation time depends on your budget, target species, and time of travel. There is NOT a shortage of fishing lodges to visit in Alaska! There is however, only a select few that have quality fishing and great staff! At Custom Fly-Fishing Consultants, we realize choosing the right lodge is a difficult decision. Let us help you.