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New Zealand: HUGE Mouse Eating Trout


For those traveling anglers in the know, New Zealand’s south island has some massive trout that are eating lots of mice and rats! These fish are exceptionally large to say the least! This “mouse year” was very isolated and quite patchy. But, to the educated angler these fisheries produced some of the largest fish of […]

The Launch of Custom Fly Fishing Consultants 2012


The winter of 2011/12 was the beginning of my new business venture in New Zealand. During my visit, I personally visited the finest professionals this great country has to offer. Great success has been achieved in creating wonderful relationships throughout the entire south island of New Zealand. I look forward to sharing with you my […]

Mouse Fishing: The Last Frontier!


If you like fishing to aggressive surface feeding fish, then mid-June and July are the month’s to visit Alaska’s wilderness rivers. After coming off a long cold winter, the resident fish like the Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Lake trout, Northern Pike, and Grayling are eager to put on as much weight as fast as they […]