New Zealand FAQ

Q: How big are those New Zealand trout…really?

A: Well…that depends. The fish pictures on most fishing sites (including this one), are the exceptional fish, not the rule. If I had to give you a number….you should expect to catch trout averaging 2-4 pounds (20-24 inches in length should be expected). There are too many variables to “predict” the angler’s success rate on any given day (mainly weather conditions). With that said, my approach to any fishing strategy anywhere, in order of importance, has always been LOCATION, LOCATION, and LOCATION! New Zealand has and produces huge trout every day, and that why I personally fish in New Zealand every year. As I always say… “The more lottery tickets you buy, the better the odds!”

Q: Is there really only 1 or two fish per mile in NZ?

A: Some river’s do have only a few fish per kilometer, but I wouldn’t class them as a “target fishery” per say. Common sense tells us that the more fish per mile the better the odds are of success! This is where the importance of local knowledge comes to play. The local guides know where they are going to fish based on mainly weather predictions and skill level. Knowing where to fish is part of the package deal that CFFC offers.

Q: Do I need to be in shape and cast 120 feet to catch a trout in New Zealand?

A: Being in shape helps a lot, but you don’t need to be in “marathon” condition to fish in NZ. Some rivers and lakes are easier to get around than others. Local knowledge will find a suitable river based on any skill level. Even though hiking/ wade fishing is the norm. Commonly used methods of transportation are four wheel drives, four wheelers and even helicopters.

A: Accuracy is much more important than distance casting. Practicing your cast in the lawn (against the wind) before you come to New Zealand will only increase your catch rate and overall experience. Casting length and catch opportunities of 30 -40 feet are very common.