New Zealand Fishing

New Zealand is arguably the best angling opportunity at catching a trophy sized trout on a dry fly.

If you enjoy the intimacy of wading small wilderness rivers and sight fishing to big beautiful fish, then New Zealand fly fishing is your perfect match. New Zealand people are simply refreshing to be around. The countries over all ease of travel makes it high on my travel list.

When people asked me why I always go back to NZ every year, I used to say it was the huge trout, low fishing pressure and the seemingly endless number of fisheries that the country has to offer”. But as I get older I say “It’s revisiting the friendships I’ve made and exploring the backcountry rivers that I have yet to see”!

It pays to choose wisely when it comes to choosing fishing lodges, independent guides and accommodations. I look forward to hand selecting the best possible fishing guides and lodging available to suite your angling travel needs. After all, it is YOUR vacation. So let your FLY FISHING CONSULTANT help make those difficult decisions for you.

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